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The [ext] Irish Correspondence Championship is organised by the Irish Go Association. It began as a 9x9 competition, and later evolved into being played on full size boards. In its current format, it is played as a Round Robin split into different sections on the basis of ability and finishing position from the previous year - and entry numbers. Games take place on either DGS or OGS.

Previous Results

How To Play on Dragon

  • Every Dragon handle is listed in the crosstable, click on a name to challenge somebody.
  • Use the Invite this user button to create a game offer
  • Set the following options:
  • Rules Japanese
  • Komi 6.5
  • Manual setting (even or handicap game): Nigiri
  • Main Time 45 days (It will not go above 45 days if I am not mistaken)
  • Fischer + 12 hours per move
  • Clock runs on weekends
  • Rated (If you want)

How to Play on OGS

  • If anyone wants to you can!

To Enter

  • Sorry! You're too late to enter. The only thing you can do now is to withdraw.


Try to start your games as quickly as you can. At the end of January you will receive a friendly warning if you haven't started. Stricter warnings will follow :) Let Ian know if your opponent doesn't respond to a challenge.

Entry List

2017 Crosstable
Player PR IaD NM IrD CS JJ PG JD Score
[ext] P.Renaut NA game game win [ext] win game game [ext] game 2/2
[ext] Ia.Davis game NA game game [ext] win [ext] game [ext] game [ext] game 0
[ext] N.Mitchell game game NA game [ext] win 1 win 1 3
[ext] Ir.Davis loss [ext] game game NA [ext] win game win game 2
[ext] C.Synnott [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] loss NA [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] loss 0
[ext] J.Jané game [ext] game 0 [ext] game [ext] win NA game game 0
[ext] P.Gawron [ext] win game [ext] loss [ext] loss [ext] win [ext] win NA game 3
[ext] J.Doyle [ext] game [ext] game [ext] O [ext] game [ext] win [ext] game [ext] game NA 0

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