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There is plenty of good Go material out there (including Sensei's Library ;-), so how do you determine what books, websites, professional games, ... are suited for your level and what kind of study habits are most effective?

1. Find yourself a teacher

at Go teachers

2. Self-study

If you're looking for a guide to self-study, you want to read the Beginner Study Section.

Here are some links to individual homepages; these links will point you to the advice of some very strong players.:

David Mechner

David is an American 6 dan who studied for a year and a half as an insei (professional in training) in Japan. So he must have done some things right in his Go study, as he points out himself :-)

[ext] David's Pages

Robert Jasiek

Robert is a German 5 dan, a go teacher since 2008, a go book author since 2009 and a researcher in go theory since 1996.

[ext] Robert's Pages

Sorin Gherman

Sorin Gherman is a Romanian 6 dan who also studied as an insei. His pages describe how insei train and contains some advice on what to do and not to do to get stronger.

[ext] Sorin's Pages

BenjaminTeuber / Guide To Become Strong

Benjamin spent a summer in a korean Baduk school. He has some advice on how to become strong.

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