Get Strong At Computer Go


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Reason: not that funny anymore - given current strength of bots

Chapter titles:

  1. Yose in the opening
  2. Sente - myth or legend?
  3. The advantages of gote
  4. Sides are for suckers
  5. Helping your opponent
  6. Life - How to avoid it
  7. Increasing a dead group
  8. Play threats before starting a ko
  9. Invasions after dame
  10. Don't secure, pass!

Snowdog: This is the funniest thing I've seen on SL. Of course, some of the bots on KGS are getting 'weaker' at computer go now (i.e. playing less nonsense). But for the majority of bots this list is still painfully relevant. I'm still laughing... dkiller: Play threats before starting a ko is still true in modern computer player

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