Enclosure Josekis - The Book

Enclosure Josekis
("Uchikomi no Sono Kobo")
By: Takemiya Masaki
Publisher: Ishi Press, March 1983
207 pp.

An Ishi Press book by Takemiya Masaki on reducing and defending various corner enclosures along with extensions. This book is out of print. A good substitute may be Keshi and Uchikomi - Reduction and Invasion in Go by Iwamoto Kaoru.

Included in the Kiseido Digital Bookshelf.



David Carlton has a [ext] review by Corrin Lakeland of this book.

Charles Matthews There are chapters on each of the 3453 enclosure, 3463 enclosure, 3454 enclosure, 4-4 point enclosures, and a final chapter on miscellaneous invasions. The only really distinctive material is a little on the 3554 enclosure, in my opinion.

For the rest it's dullish - nothing especially Takemiya-like - in a joseki dictionary sort of way, with essentially no whole-board thinking. There could easily be much better treatments of these middlegame joseki.

Table of Contents

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Sample Material

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Similar Books

Bill: There is a book, Shimari no Joseki (Enclosure Josekis) by Okubo Ichigen, 9-dan, which is #14 in the Go Super Books series by the Nihon Kiin. I think it's also out of print, but who knows?

Charles First published 1971 - so I guess Bill is correct.

Bob McGuigan: There is a newer book in Japanese Shimari Gihou (Shimari techniques) by Ishida Yoshio 9p, published in 2002 by Kawade Shobou Shinsha, ISBN 4-309-26570-7. It is in "dictionary" format.

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